Mine & Mine Mouth Power Plant

In 2007, Oracle Power PLC (previously Oracle Coalfields) was granted the exploration licence for Block VI from the Sindh Coal Authority and drilled seven bore holes from surface to a depth of 230m to confirm the availability of economic and viable deposits of lignite quality coal.  The results reported the presence of prolific lignite coal reserves in abundance.  This success was significant and initiated the Company’s proceedings towards developing the Thar Project through detailed technical feasibility.  International consultants were utilised and a JORC Resource of 1.4 billion tonnes was delineated ranking in within the top 10 projects globally.


It is a lignite quality coal with moderate calorific value, high moisture content and low sulphur percentage.  It is suitable for power generation utilising conventional open pit mine excavation techniques methods and the perceived mine mouth power plant will use the latest environmentally conscious technology to minimise the environmental footprint.

Mine development is anticipated to be conducted in tandem with the development of the mine mouth power plant development, and subsequently, coal gasification and coal-to-liquids development.  All necessary licences and other permissions for power plant processes will be obtained as the Thar Project progresses.  The mining licence remains valid as long as substantial progress is shown on ground.

Production is expected to be undertaken in two phases:


  • Phase I: 7.9 million tonnes per annum open-pit coal mine with a mine-mouth power plant of 1,320MW

  • Phase II: Expansion of the coal mine up to 16 million tonnes per annum production to support a coal gasification and coal-to-liquid facility parallel to the power plant of 1,320 MW.


Oracle Power PLC has conducted detailed technical, environmental, socio-economic and financial feasibility studies in conjunction with international consultants including SRK Consulting UK, Wardell Armstrong, Mott Macdonald UK, Aqua-terra, Dargo Associates and Hagler Bailly Pakistan.

A complete ESIA (Environmental and Social Impact Assessment) has been conducted for both the coal mine and the mine mouth power plant.  The results highlighted the positive impact the Thar Project would have on both the local community and the region.