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25/03/2022Renewables Now – Oracle Power unveils details on 400-MW hydrogen plan for PakistanVisit link
25/03/2022Simply Wall St – Oracle Power plc’s stock is down 12%, but insiders still have about UKĀ£18k in profit after buying earlier this yearVisit link
25/03/2022Bol News – SSGC, Oracle Power sign deal to produce synthetic natural gasVisit link
25/03/2022Dawn – Govt plans coal conversion to gas, liquid fuelsVisit link
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Date Name Download link File type File size
23/07/2020Pakistan Coal Development Cooperation Proposal SignatureVisit linkpdf10.42 MB
04/01/2020Thar to produce 15.4 mtpa, 2,640 mw and 30 years of Urea from Block VI – The NewsVisit link
04/01/2020Urea from Block VI meets 30 year need – Business Recorder 4 Jan 2020Visit link
01/01/2020Thar Coal and Energy Board Meeting – 31 Dec 2019Visit link
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23/12/2019Dawn – Sindh plans launch of Block VI under CPEC – 23 Dec 2019Visit link
16/12/2019Express Tribune – Potential for new power, fuel and urea 16 Dec 2019Visit link
16/12/2019JDA 15 December 2019Visit linkpdf476.53 KB
05/12/2019Thar Coal Block-VI project under CPECVisit link
17/06/2016Determination of Feasibility Stage Coal TariffVisit linkpdf20.91 MB
04/04/2016Oracle Coalfields FlashnoteVisit linkpdf186.04 KB
21/03/2016Oracle Coalfields welcomes tax incentives for Thar coalVisit link
18/03/2016Oracle Coalfields PLC pushing on at Thar amid gloomy sectorVisit link
18/03/2016Oracle Coalfields plc assembling the jigsaw for Pakistan projectVisit link
04/09/2015Brandon Hill Research noteVisit linkpdf9.73 MB
11/08/2015Coal Price Petition (CPP)Visit linkpdf5.31 MB