Resettlement and Communities

Oracle is a responsible corporate entity and is applying international best practice in developing the Block VI project. The local communities are consulted on a regular basis and the Company has appointed a Community Liaison Officer (CLO) to act as the local point of contact for stakeholders to receive information from and to disseminate information to all concerned.

The Sindh Coal Authority, Energy Department, Government of Sindh published a Resettlement Policy Framework (RFP) for the Thar Coalfields in May 2015 which sets out the formal processes for resettlement of local people affected by coal mine developments in Thar.

The Company has produced a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) which accords with the governments RFP. The RAP has been prepared to ensure that the process is managed in line with international best practice and a full programme of consultation has been instigated.

As part of the resettlement process, which
will occur in full consultation with the affected communities and Project Affected Peoples (PAPs), resettled communities will be given equivalent, alternative lands for their villages. It is the intention to construct replacement villages, with full electricity, sanitation, and potable water supply, and culturally appropriate places of worship, with opportunities for a
local market area. The exact design of the resettlement villages will be decided in c The Company is working with local groups to ensure that the Block VI Project delivers sustainable benefits to the communities and an overall improvement in local living conditions, whilst also positively responding to the energy crisis
in Pakistan. This Project will result in direct
and indirect benefits to the local communities. Direct benefits will include employment at the mine and power plant, whilst indirect benefits may include revenues generated by local supply of goods and services to the operations

A detailed land ownership survey has been commissioned to identify land owners and their families, livestock and agricultural assets prior to formal land acquisition and resettlement within Block VI.