Corporate Principles

Oracle Power PLC (Oracle) is a mining corporate entity that aims to apply international best practice to all of its projects, in order to develop all its mining ventures in a safe, responsible and efficient manner. Through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, Oracle self-regulates its business model, ensuring its compliance with the spirit of formal and traditional laws, ethics, and international practices; thereby embracing the culture of responsible corporate behaviour.

Ethics We value principles of integrity, honesty, transparency, accountability.
Governance We comply with the requirements of the corporate governance guidelines for smaller companies issued by the Quoted Companies Alliance.
Legal and Human Rights We advocate adherence to the law and respect for basic human rights and the customs and values of our employees and stakeholder communities.
Engagement We recognize the importance of inclusive and informed consultation in all activities and decision-making processes that may significantly impact our stakeholders.
Risk Management We are aware of the financial, social and environmental risks of mining and are committed to ensure timely action to identify, avoid and minimize risks to our stakeholders.
Health and Safety We are committed to conducting its business in a way that ensures the health, safety, and security, of our employees and the host communities wherever we operates.
Human Resources We oppose unlawful discrimination or use of forced or child labour and we will utilize best employee practices to promote a motivated and accountable workforce.
Environment We value quality environmental performance through strict adherence to national and international regulations and international environmental best practices.
Economy We believe that we can play an instrumental role in enhancing local economies through our commitment to training and the sourcing of labour, goods and services locally.
Society We are committed to working in mutually beneficial partnership with our community stakeholders to contribute to their welfare and socio-economic development based on an in-depth understanding of their community stakeholders, including their traditions and customs.