Our Values

Oracle Power seeks to engage profitably and responsibly in the international natural resource and power sectors.

We aim to work closely with employees, customers, partners and government organisations in supplying fuel, power and associated downstream products efficiently and in an environmentally responsible fashion.

Oracle Power is committed to the principles of sustainable development which require the balancing of long- and short-term interests of the business with due regard to economic competitiveness and compliance with environmental and social considerations.  The group will conduct its business in a socially responsible manner and comply fully with the applicable laws and regulations which affect its business.

We will provide their employees with good and safe working conditions and respect their human rights and seek to provide good, long term jobs and appropriate training for development.

Oracle Power will seek to develop sound and mutually beneficial relationships with contractors and suppliers. The group expects those contractors and suppliers to share its values of openness, professionalism, teamwork and trust.

The Oracle Power group insists on integrity and fairness in all its business dealings. The direct or indirect offer, payment or acceptance of bribes and facilitation payments are unacceptable. We do not take part in party politics nor make donations to political organisations.  Employees must avoid putting themselves in a conflict of interest situation which could compromise or influence their role in the company.

The Oracle Power group recognises the need to protect the shareholders’ investment and maintain a long-term competitive return.